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Published by Travelling Ministers Fellowship                    Vol.2  No.1                    March, 2009


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Times and Seasons...

We thank God for the opportunity for new beginnings that He has given us all during the challenges of recent months. And we rejoice in the many BREAKTHROUGHS He is now launching as we trust Him without fear and watch His mighty arm move on behalf of those of His people who seek His righteousness and His Kingdom. 

The picture at the right depicts symbols of PURIM, the annual Hebrew holiday which will be celebrated shortly --during mid-March this year. PURIM is traditionally celebrated as a joyous even raucous time because it commemorates the victory of the Jewish people over enemies that wanted to utterly rob and destroy  them    Purim is always poignant with each year that Israel must still fight for its survival.  At Purim parties people often dress up as the heroes and villians from the Book of Esther. In games they cheer the "good guy"  Mordecai, and "boo" and mock  the infamous Haman who plotted to  get the King of Persia to kill all the Jews in his vast empire and take their wealth.

Girls like to masquerade as beautiful Queen Esther. The orphaned young Esther rose at God's hand to become Queen of Persia, despite her Jewish background. With the support of her praying and fasting people, she got the King to revoke the order to kill the Jews and brought life, restored honor, and even greater wealth to her people. In our day,  the good Lord is restoring His true house of Israel (including all those grafted in through Christ). Whether we currently feel like orphans or like Queens, we can all have a hand in, and partake of, the victory that God is now rendering --to mock His enemies, and restore honor, real life, victory, and finances to the people of His House.


   Children in costume depict a scene from the Book of Esther during PURIM


NEW MEMBERS: A Warm Welcome to...


Pastor Silas Tsivanyo,
Evangelical Royal Generation Church,
Ho,Volta Region, GHANA


Apostle Jeremiah J. Nimely, Sr.
Living Waters Fellowship Church & Ministries

Welcome to NEW TMF Member Apostle Jeremiah J. Nimely, Sr.

and His Wife Pastor Roseline of Liberia, WEST AFRICA....


Brother Jeremiah joined Travelling Ministers Fellowship "because I am led by the Lord to do so, also to be trained, developed, and be equiped for Kingdom ministry and to be impacted by senior ministers and spiritual leaders, fathers, and mentors." He and his wife Roseline pastor 3 congregations of about 255 people and oversee affiliated pastors and their church plants in Liberia and Sierra Leon, a neighboring country in West Africa About 16 pastors/ministers assist in the ministry and are being trained for kingdom advancement and evangelizing. The ministry also works with orphaned children and street kids and youth. Many of them were hurt by  the bloody civil war in Liberia which lasted 14 years. The ministry provides the children with education, vocational training, and feeding programs. The goal is to prepare them as God’s future leaders for the church.The Nimely’s vision involves a belief  “in Christian business so the church will not be a begger to those who she is supposed to have witness to, but will  give hope to those that are outside of the church.” They are also involved with adult literacy educational and vocational programs, and  have an acre where they want to build the orphanage home.



Apostle Jeremiah, his wife Pastor Roseline, and their 3 children, Jeremiah, John & Jereline
with accompanying pictures below of some their wider church family and the feeding program for children.
Please take a moment to read Brother Jeremiah's Strong & Inspiring Personal Testimony:

“I came to the Lord when my mother and father die and my brother die also. I had no one to take care of me. I then went in the street because I felt that there was no hope. I did not care what was going to be. I did real inhummuine labour for people..I then worked in a coco plantation for a year, but the labour was more severe, and later I took my little wages and tighten my stomach from food, and made it to the capital city to find another change for living that was another 50 times more severe A lady help me for high school but I was not authorized to eat any meals in that house, because she was sending me to school. So I beared it and used to go in the street after selling [for her] at mid- night…a distance like 5 to 6 miles walk from where I was living…to look for food.. I use to go to the cook shops to wash the cooking pots, and then will eat the rice crust from the pots ...Before I get home the doors will be locked and I have to sleep in the street. It was risky, and in all of this I was unconscious and felt like dying and to follow my dad and mom in the grave.

"But there was a friend who met me one day, talk to me about Jesus, and invited me to a Christmas night. I really went there because I knew that there will be lot of food …but when I went there I heard Christ preached by the pastor. He preached about how Jesus died for me and was bruise because of my sin and took away all my deeds/sins. He is willing to accept you with what you are and have right now.

"I was ashamed to go for an alter call because my heart was to the bread and tea, but with the choir singing, I was moved to the alter by some kind of way that I did not understand, and then, I was led to Christ and accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. I was taught through a baptismal class and was baptized by immersion and received the gift of the Holy Spirit. And now I am His one of His disciples who is making disciples for Him. Then I assist pastors for 13 years in church planting and discipling. Now I am pastoring a church that was planted by me and my wife today. What a great change that the Lord has done for me and is using me as one of His blood purchased servant through His death and resurrection. I am alive and not dead, praise God. After more than 14 or 15 years of the bloody civil war in Liberia, I who was suppose to have been dead, the Lord delivered from men's/rebel's hell, and I am alive again…Let God take the praise and glory ever and ever.”



Their Goals for 2009-2010:  To win 1500 to Christ, to disciple to maturity & also equip with market place skills, to establish cell churches that facilitate discipleship and community, and to create Christian academic schools within each Community where the church is planted so as to enable the suffering orphan street and destitute kids and youths to be educated through solid programs and vocational training so they will be prepared to better serve the church and the general society in the next generation. Also to conduct some ministerial and pastoral training conferences, seminars that bring cross-cultural pastors, ministers, church leaders and church workers from different denominational and organizations to impart their knowledge and skills. Finally, to bring holistic ministry to the full time ministerial staff and the market places leaders in the church, who are being trained to serve outside of the church,  


IMPORTANT: BREAKTHROUGH TEACHINGS: The Lord has been giving Rafi & Dr. Carol important new teaching & empowering ministries that really do bring BREAKTHROUGH from longstanding afflictions and illness. Also to get believers rightly positioned before the Lord of Hosts for the coming advance of the Kingdom and preparation of the Bride. Some of the topics we are ministering are listed below. We believe this is critical information for people of God at this time. All of it is solid Scripturally. If this would be helpful to your people, please drop us a line and pray for God's way and timing about how we can bring this minstry to you. Also please let Rafi know if you would like us to come to your land and help gather togetherTravelling Ministers to support and encourage one another locally, or if we can assist you in doing that.

1)    3-Day  CONFERENCE:          




    • Exposing The Spirit of Anti-Christ
    •  How It Functions In Our Midst
    •  Why Are God’s People Healed Only Slightly?
    • Revealing The Source of Confusion, Anxiety & Fear
    • Recognizing Bondage To The Anti-Christ Spirit
        -Invisible Walls of Isolation

               -Plundered Resources

    • A Vision of The Army of God
    • At War With The Saints...& Our Victory!
    • Why Fear of The Lord is Mandatory for The Army
    • How To Consciously Abide In Christ in Heavenly Places & Hear His Voice

3)     HEALING OF MANHOOD & WOMANHOOD   One-Day Workshop   

To receive the healing touch of the Lord in some of the  the deepest areas of manhood or womanhood. This workshop is designed for people of all ages to receive deeply, and will also be helpful for people serving in, or called to, leadership.

    • Broken hearts
    • Broken trust
    • Broken womanhood
    • Broken connection with real life & joy 


UPCOMING...         Traveling Ministers Fellowship


The next major meeting of TMF is set for Sunday, March 15, 2009, at 6:00pm, to celebrate the Feast of Purim. At this meeting we will also be conducting an ORDINATION SERVICE for Mrs.Shirley Defendorf, a beloved and faithful servant of God who has been serving the Kingdom of God with a deep love for all the House of Israel for many years. We feel privileged to honor her at this meeting and special time of her ordination. She will share a prophetic teaching for the occasion. If you will be coming to Wilmington from out of town, please phone so we can help you with accommodations.



Our last TMF Meeting was held in Wilmington, NC, during Chanukuh. Rafi and Dr. Carol taught on the Festival of Lights, and we all committed ourselves to renewed dedication as Temples of the Living God, asking God to shed deeper Light on our lives so that we may walk as cleaner & purer vessels for His purposes.



An ordination service is also being scheduled for April in Sacramento, California, for TMF Members Sandra and Richard Roberts. They Pastor several home churches, and lead Bible studies in area communities as well as in the State Capital. As well they are dear friends to many and mature and capable leader in the Lord. Look for more details about this ordination service as plans are formalized.



We have begun producing a free informative insert for church bulletins  "Hebrew  Roots of the Faith"  You may go to the Traveling Ministers Fellowship website to get FREE DOWNLOADS.


ISRAEL: Rafi & Carol spent part of Nov. & Dec. in Israel. They were privileged to minister to recent immigrants from Eastern Europe. As well, they were invited to preach to a gathering of Intercessors from many nations RIGHT ON MT. ZION. New CD recorded Live on Mt. Zion in Israel..."EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTI-CHRIST IN OUR MIDST!"  God gave Dr. Carol a message of prophetic insight into the challenges of today. People who were present said it was awesome and brought much clarity and refreshment into their lives. She taught on "Exposing The Spirit of The Antichrist In Our Midst." The antichrist spirit is increasingly apparent in the world as it weighs on the minds of emotions of Christans. It wars against God's people and torments them mentally with fear, doubt, depression, oppression, confusion, despair and hopelessness. Every serious follower of Jesus Christ has to learn to recognize this spirit and what it does. The teaching makes clear HOW TO FUNCTION FREE FROM THIS PERVASIVE SPIRIT. The information, carefully drawn from ther Bible, will surprise you, and bring BREAKTHROUGH to your walk in Christ. A FREE COPY of this CD is available to all TMF members.  Please phone Rafi to request a copy at 302 559-1766 or email : revrafi@aol.com.



Shofars: In Israel Rafi was able to acquire a number of quality SHOFARS which we can make available to you at very low cost starting at $40. These are hand-made by a Jewish family f rom Morocco that has been making Shofars since the 1500s! Please phone if you are interested. 302 559-1766  or email Rafi. 

 PRAYER NEEDS:  Please continue to pray for the spiritual mantle over the Travelling Ministers. It needs to be protective and very strong. Also pray for the intercessors for this ministry. As Rafi & Dr. Carol travel, they have met many people who are stepping forth to participate as Intercessors for the Travelling Ministers Fellowship. We still WE NEED A HEAD INTERCESSOR WITH A GLOBAL VISION FOR THIS MINISTRY Also please continue to pray for our TMF people in Haiti with urgent needs under pastor Jerome Mombien, and for our precious TMF family,the Dieta's, in the Philippines, for protection from & the end of all persecution on the Island of Mindanao. As well as for funds for starting a much needed orphanage. Several times Pastor Dieta has had to flee the island due to death threats.


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