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Antichrist CD
Exposing the Spirit of Antichrist


As a gift to members of Travelling Ministers Fellowship,    you may have a copy of Dr.Carol’s new teaching:

     Exposing The Spirit Of Antichrist! 

      Which we were privileged to record live at
Succat Hallel, Mt. Zion, Israel  
       Please contact us at 302 559-7573 or email: revrafi@aol.com to request your free copy. 


Ministry on Mt.ZionCarol was invited to preach to a large group of 24/7 intercessors in Jerusalem  who were gathered together from many countries on Mt.Zion. God gave her a message of prophetic insight into the challenges of these days. Many people there described the message as “ awesome” and said that it brought much clarity and refreshment into their lives. Thanks be to God that we could be of service to these frontline prayer warriors!  
  •  Exposing The Spirit of Anti-Christ

  • How It Functions In Our Midst

  •  Why Are God’s People Healed Only Slightly?

  • Revealing The Source of Confusion, Anxiety & Fear
  • Recognizing Bondage To The Anti-Christ Spirit
- Invisible Walls of Isolation
- Plundered Resources
  • A Vision of The Army of God
  •  At War With The Saints...& Our Victory!
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