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Always at War with God and His people

 by Dr. Carol Cohen

Always at Enmity


The antichrist spirit is always at war with God and His saints. It hates us. The word in the Bible that represents this hatred is ENMITY. ENMITY means hatred. So the antichrist spirit is always at ENMITY with:


His purposes and plans

His people

His Kingdom

you and me


The antichrist spirit operates through the spirit of the mind using the thinking of the world and of natural man (Jesus to Peter you have in mind the thought so man and not God; do not love the world and the things of the world) That is why it is so important to have our minds renewed by the Spirit of God (Eph.2) so that we think Christ's thoughts after Him and not antichrist's. How to do this will be in another teaching.


We must clearly separate ourselves from the spirit of the world. Antichrist uses this spirit to control the thinking of the world and deceive people. Everyone of us walks in its Enmity until we are set free from it. If we do not have a new mind and think Christ's thoughts after Him, we get pulled into its thinking, and we unwittingly walk in ENMITY


with God

His purposes and plans

His people

His Kingdom


It's not that we go out and have a fist fight. The Enmity shows up in our attitudes, in the faithless words we speak, the irritability, the lack of sympathetic understanding, the complaining, the criticism. Plainly put, the lack of love. We all do this in spite of ourselves, and even though we don't want to!


How can that possibly be, when our deepest desire as people of God is to faithfully serve Him? It is because this is war, folks, and the antichrist wants to deceive us through our thinking so as to make us ineffective captives -- plain and simple.


The Enmity that antichrist fosters produces strife, division, jealousy, envy, quarrels, bad attitudes, complaining. It shows up most in our personal relationships when we let our guard down; when we're not in public, when we expose what we really think and feel. It especially fosters ENMITY in male-female relationship (eg your marriage!), and Jew-gentile relationships. This holds true no matter how hard we may resist it UNTIL THE WALL OF PARTITION IS TAKEN DOWN IN CHRIST JESUS.


We can resist ENMITY but still harbor its bitterness, unforgiveness, and LACK OF LOVE: patience, kindness, not keeping track of past wrongs, etc. It actually requires a MIRACLE to be free of all of that and for real unity and love to reign between male and female, and between Jew and gentile. But that miracle does happen IN CHRIST JESUS.


So out of Christ the wall is always there; in Christ the wall is gone.


I believe the wall is real and related to the fortress that the antichrist spirit puts around his enemies, to separate and neutralize them, and implode their energies with infighting.


Whenever we notice these attitudes functioning through us...and all of us do...we must take it as a SIGNAL that we are out of position, out of Christ, walled off from our brethren. Then we must retake our proper position as soldiers in His army and fully live IN CHRIST JESUS.


My friends and I prayed for these people and what follows is the ministry and insight the Lord gave to help these people take their position and unite together in the army of God.


Special Ministry for Delivering People Called to Serve in the Army of God


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