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Vision of God's Army
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A Vision of the Army  

(Future teachings will be about God’s remedies for the people called to His Army)
by Dr. Carol updated Aug. 17, 2008
I had a vision recently during an evening of prayer and worship with friends. The Lord showed me a host of people who are supposed to be a part of the Army of God, all walking toward The Lord of Hosts, the Resurrected Christ –the leader of the Army-  trying to enter Him and be established in His end time purposes for their lives.
I saw that they all recognized that He has raised a spiritual banner over Jerusalem to rally His people Israel. With all their strength this great group of people are trying to come into order as a troop.
That is the condition of many of us here, and many whom the good Lord has led to read this vision or listen to it on audio.
But in my Vision, as I looked, I saw that the host of people seemed rather like a host of zombies...like the living dead trying to get in position.  They were empty vessels; their faces looked dead; they seemed passionless, heartless, almost despondent, even while their spirits suffered torment and disappointment at their failure to enter in.
And each was covered with a filmy slime from the antichrist spirit that made them often seem unlovable and unattractive to others whom they tried to connect with or draw to Christ. The glory of the Lord did not show on their countenances unless they were before the Lord in times of worship and prayer. Instead the dark slime on them would prevail.
They knew that others who might be drawn to Christ through them would not stay drawn to them for long because something would always go wrong. They weren’t aware of the slime on them, nor did they know where the problem was coming from.
So the dark slime on them kept wrecking things. It was a bondage to the antichrist spirit. But they could not see it, because the antichrist spirit, of course, wants to stay hidden and unrecognized so that its devices and schemes against the saints of God will prevail.
In the Vision, this great host of people   –of which many of us know we are a part-  was struggling. Their strength was almost spent.
For years they had been walking this way…slogging through the mud so to speak; unable to get a foothold on solid ground, much less to soar forth as eagles.
They had walked through endless hardship and challenges. They were so weary they could hardly take steps forward, but they teetered on, one step at a time, picking themselves up time and again saying, “Lord, I’m still comin”,” faithful to the call of God on their lives...still hoping.
In this Vision I saw that their clothes were tattered like filthy rags.
It reminded me of Joshua the high priest in the Book of Zechariah in chapter 3.  He is seen standing in filthy rags before the throne of God with Satan himself right there to oppose him.
In his day, Joshua was supposed to be the leader in restoring the people of Israel in victory over the enemy and in serving God properly. But here he is, an army leader, standing before the Commander of God’s Army, the Mighty Lord of Hosts Himself, totally inappropriate! He is dressed in dirty rags, living in iniquity, beat up, and living wide open to the attacks of Satan… and it seems that he hardly knows why!!
If you look at the verses that accompany this scene in the Bible, you will see that Joshua’s condition is like the people in my Vision of the Army of God, even as they are  trying to come into position before the Commander of the Army, the Lord of Hosts:
1)     Joshua needed a clean turban on his head (:5) AND SO DO WE.   What covered his head was unclean [literally, what was wound around his head!] His THOUGHTS and THAT WHICH HE SUBMITTED TO IN HIS THINKING had made him and his life unclean and had opened his life to Satan’s direct attacks and plundering. 
2)     Joshua needed clean clothes (:3-4) AND SO DO WE. You may recall from the Bible that ANOINTING from God is not poured out on FLESH but on GARMENTS[1]. Joshua had been walking in anointing, but it was not all from God. Satan/ antichrist had soiled his garments so that in God’s eyes he needed entirely new priestly garments. That meant he would have to have all the old mantles/garments that carried a supernatural mix completely removed, and receive totally new clothes and mantles/anointing from the Lord.
3)     Joshua received a strongly worded challenge and correction from God telling him that he now had the opportunity to serve before the Lord of Hosts in his life’s calling, but it was CONDITIONAL: AND SO IT IS FOR US.
The Lord of Hosts told Joshua (Zech 3:7):
a.    IF you walk in My ways,
b.    IF you keep My command,
c.     Then you will judge My house [have authority over; issue verdicts regarding right and wrong],
d.    Then you will have charge of My courts [guard and protect],
e.    Then I will give you places to walk among those who stand here [you will take your place in my heavenly Army].”
4)     Joshua was challenged by God. The full assistance of the heavenly host and all the might of God we available to aid him. But he had to change a lifetime of  thinking, speaking and acting the wrong way. However good it was, it appeared filthy and iniquitous before the Lord of Hosts. Zechariah had to get a new headcovering –he was submitting to people and spirits that filled his mind with error in God’s eyes. And he had to FIND OUT HOW HE HAD GOTTEN IT WRONG, REMEDY IT, AND DO THE WRONG NO LONGER. AND SO DO WE
Back to the Vision I had of the Army of God:
The people I saw were filled with the thoughts of the world: worries and fears about money, property, their children, provision. All sorts of things from the spirit of the world constantly flowed through their minds. They seemed either unaware of this, or helpless to stop the torrent of thoughts and worries.
And their words were filled with these thoughts. Floods of worldly thoughts flowed out of their mouths.
In spite of themselves they spoke so as to devour one another.
The devouring wasn’t words like “I curse you,” or  “I hate you.” The devouring was done through speaking things to people that were not from God. “I don’t think he should do that,” or “I know God is going to judge this land and bring disaster,” or “That’ll kill you.” Or  “We’re all gonna get cancer some day.” Things spoken out of turn from the natural mind, when their guard was down, things they hadn’t heard from God. Things they spoke when they relaxed and “let their hair down”…and this is  HOW THEY CONVERSED MOST OF THE TIME.
Or someone might share a plan from God with them or a joint venture He had given them, and they would let it fall dead to the ground and then walk and stomp on it! Not even realizing that they were speaking death and destruction over their comrade.
And when their brothers and sisters spoke vision to them from the Lord, they would ignore it or stomp it under their feet in disbelief or ignorance. Their minds were programmed to do this. And their worldly minds didn’t notice what they were doing to one another…they were programmed and used to speaking an acceptable “party line.”
So with their worldly thinking and words they would drive other people off base from God and move their families out of position, and they didn’t even know it.
Their words confused the people around them who took them to be ambassadors of God, thinking that what they were speaking was from God, but it actually wasn’t.
Their words also served to discourage those around them from listening to God and from doing His works.
Their words negated the very works of God that they so wanted to see come forth. They were functioning AT ENMITY WITH GOD, and were serving the enemy's purposes.
Because they were so close to God, their words and actions had more negative effect on God purposes than His self-proclaimed enemies!
Do you understand that? When you are a person of God and you are close to Him, when you speak the thoughts of man, more harm comes out of your  words than from the words of witches and sorcererswho knowingly do occult practices! The words you speak have more authority than do those of witches and sorcerers. Do you understand how potent your words are, people called to God’s Army?
The antichrist was using those called to be the Army of God to tear one another down and to dismantle the works that the Lord of Hosts wanted to raise up.
And they were hardly aware of it! They had almost no familiarity with the mind of Christ and almost no control over what they spoke.
When we speak words like “God is going to punish this land,” and “Terrible calamity is coming” we must be so careful that God has commanded us to speak this.
What if one day these things were are proclaiming do come… NOT because God wants it, but because His people have been proclaiming it over and over?  How will you feel if one day you learn that disaster came because you and those like you kept uttering it, and not because it was God’s desire!! Only proclaim disaster if you are utterly certain it is God’s will that you speak it, for the words themselves help to make destruction manifest in this world.
God is merciful and He wants to bless His people. For years He has had faithful saints of God praying and interceding over the land. Do you think He has had then do this in vain? Even these very people, however, must be careful what they utter in the natural…because when they speak the thoughts of man out of their natural minds, it may be the opposite of what God wants said. Saints of God, don’t dismantle what you have been praying for. Believe God hears your prayers –especially the prayers that He gives you to pray- and speak that way.
For years many saints of God have been diligently praying and fasting for the U.S. We must be certain that God has commanded us to speak the words we speak to others  Otherwise, even though God may wish otherwise, one day when we get to heaven, we may find that calamities that hit many people were not from God, but were released on them THROUGH CARELESS WORDS that we spoke out of turn IN SERVICE TO THE ENEMY! There is no such thing as “Time Out” for people called to serve in the Army of God. Every word we speak counts.
Remember: God wants to bless His people. And He IS hearing the prayers of the saints and responding to them.
Back to the Vision:
The people I saw in the Vision were hardly aware of these things. They had almost no familiarity with the mind of Christ and almost no control over what they spoke.
There was no love in them when they listened to the spirit of the world flooding their minds and as they spoke its words. They were like empty shells being used as pawns.
I also noticed their great frustration that they could not enter into Christ's purposes for their lives, and how much they suffered in this condition.
They could see the shabby condition of the others around them. Could they see it in themselves? With their energy virtually spent, they seemed helpless to do anything about it or even to gain insight.
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[1] “And you shall speak to the children of Israel saying, ‘This shall be holy anointing oil to Me throughout your generations. It shall not be poured on man’s flesh; nor shall you make any other like it, according to its composition. It is holy and shall be holy to you.”(Ex. 30:31-32)