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Published by Travelling Ministers Fellowship                    Vol.1 No.3               Sept. - Oct, 2008


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  We thank God for being strong in our weakness as He launches forth in this time of change and NEW BEGINNINGS. While many people despair of the future of our nation and of the people of the earth, we hold great anticipation about what God is doing to build up His Kingdom on earth in our midst.



 OUR WORDS: An Important Corrective: Lately we hear many people speak, email, or write very negative words over cities, the USA, Christians, the world. We believe it is now URGENT to guard our tongues and speak only what God would have us speak over the affairs of this world, and not speak OUR opinions. Let’s speak His victory, life, healing, deliverance -not death, calamity, and destruction- over our land. What if one day we find out that it is our own words, spoken AS PEOPLE OF GOD, that have brought forth great negatives. For what the people of God speak has strong creative power to make it manifest! Instead, let's pray that what GOD wants raised up, be raised; and only what HE wants taken down, come down.

The next major meeting of TMF is set for Saturday, Oct. 25, 2008, to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. If you will be coming to Wilmington from out of town, please phone so we can help you with accommodations. A useful article by Dr. Carol is available online regarding the importance of the Feasts of Israel and God's Hebrew calendar at www.tmfonline.org. Click the button at the top of the HOME page that says “Feasts of Israel.”


TMF Fellowship Meetings meetings for friends & members of Traveling Ministers Fellowship were held in Wilmington, NC, in Aug.& Sept. Dr. Carol shared NEW teachings for God's Army. Some teachings are posted at www.tmfonline.org.


NEW MEMBERS: A Warm Welcome to you all...

Richard and Sandra Roberts, Antelope, CA

Rev. Emmanuel Osward, Cape Town, South Africa

Gail Bousum, Kenansville, NC

James E. Dykes, Wilmington, NC

Jeff Swagerty, Saint Paul, MN

Ruth Schulhoff, Wilmington, NC


PRAYER NEEDS: Traveling Ministers Fellowship was begun in March 2008, & already people have joined from 8 countries! You can see their photos on www.tmfonline.org. Please pray for the spiritual mantle over TMF. It needs to be protective and very strong. Also pray for the intercessors for this ministry. IN PARTICULAR WE NEED A HEAD INTERCESSOR WITH A GLOBAL VISION FOR THIS MINISTRY Also pray for our people in Haiti with urgent needs after recent hurricanes.


The NEW MEMBER FORM for TMF is now available online. Also, new TMF business Cards and brochures in English & French will be available soon.


TOURS TO ISRAEL planned for 2009, will be personally hosted and led by Rafi & Carol. A detailed flier is posted on the website www.tmfonline.org. Or phone 302 559-1766 to have one mailed out.


Welcome to TMF Member Jim Dykes . Jim is currently ministering in India, but took the time to send us some info about himself:While I was in the University of North Carolina in the late 60s, I was a typical lost and confused college student. I went through a pre-medical curriculum and studied comparative relreligion, and the normal liberal arts. While it was all interesting, I did not find real answers to life, especially in the immoral and existential outlook of the 60s generation. I bought into the evolutionary theories, but was not impressed with the conflicting opinions of psychology and comparative religions.   



After working in banking in N.Y.C., I ended up during the Viet Nam War as an Air Force pilot. I was disillusioned with life in general. The educational, business, & military world all seemed to lack so much. Then a fellow officer led me to Christ over lunch. I went back and prayed to the Lord for the first time in years, and felt the presence of the Lord come into the room. I began a serious study of the Bible which led me later to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. This led me to seminary and to becoming an assistant pastor in Grace Fellowship in North Carolina. Later I pastored Methodist churches for 4 years. Judy, my wife, and I pioneered a church on Martha's Vineyard. From there we started traveling to the nations (25 nations so far) as a travelling prophetic teaching ministry. My burden is to see the church matured and to see prophetic ministry functioning there.

This is often a real battle. I have always ministered on our debt to Israel, our need to comfort Israel in their last day restoration. I have a weekly TV ministry, worked part time as a police chaplain, have an internet ministry & lead a healing & teaching ministry in my local church. Pray for me as I make decisions about where to minister next in this world. Airline prices are making this expensive these days.”

This newsletter is published by: Travelling Ministers Fellowship
Carol Cohen, editor
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TMF Newsletters are also available online. You can view them or sign up for them by email at www.tmfonline.org. 


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 More about the Israel Pilgrimage 2009
9 Days/ 7 Nights… hosted by Rafi and Dr. Carol

Many people are interested in visiting the Holy Lands during this 60th anniversary year of the Nation Israel.  It is a wonderful time to go for the holiday of a lifetime.

If you are interested in the Israel Tour 2008, please phone or email us, or use the CONTACT FORM on this website www.tmfonline.org.  phone: 302 559-1766   email: revrafi@aol.com 


Celebrating Israel’s 60th Anniversary: The Itinerary here is provisional. We will keep you posted as the details of our journey take shape. We have been to Israel many times and want to make this the trip of a lifetime for you.  Please also share your thoughts about places you would like to visit.


                          Tour Features:

  • Meeting and assistance at airport
  • Round trip airport transfers
  • First class accommodations with private bath
  • Full Israeli style breakfast – daily
  • Dinner daily
  • Services of government licensed guide on sightseeing days
  • Air conditioned transportation used for touring
  • Boat ride on the Galilee, visit to the Jordan River baptismal site 
  • Swimming in the Dead Sea
  • Visit to the En Gedi spa and its ancient hot springs and mud baths

Children: are welcome. Dr.Carol brought her son to Israel with an adult group when he was 7, and it was wonderful and beneficial  for him to see the Bible lands come alive before his eyes at an early age. Prayerfully consider if your children –or grandchildren!-  would benefit and be able to keep up with this very special  yet intense experience.


Day 1

           Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, assistance and transfer to your hotel.

           Dinner and Overnight: Tel Aviv by the ancient Port of Jaffa where Peter visited Cornelius                                     

Day 2

Depart Tel Aviv and drive along the Mediterranean coast to CAESAREA, built by Herod the Great in honor of Augustus Caesar. Continue to MEGIDDO, one of the chariot cities of King Solomon. Travel along the slopes of Mt. Carmel to HAIFA for a panoramic view of the bay.

            Dinner and Overnight: Tiberias     

Day 3 

             Enjoy a boat ride on the sea of Galilee. Visit CAPERNAUM and see the ancient synagogue where Jesus taught and the stone with the carving of the Ark of the Covenant. Visit TABGHA, where Jesus fed the 5,000, the Church of Multiplication with it’s 4th century mosaic floor. On to the Mount of Beatitudes, which overlooks the Galilee. Travel through the foothills of beautiful Mt. Herman into the GOLAN HEIGHTS on the road that leads to Damascus. Visit the lovely BANIAS SPRINGS at Caesarea Phillipi, where Jesus spent special time apart with his disciples.

    .       Dinner and Overnight:  Tiberias

Day 4

Visit the Jordan River baptismal site at the southern end of the Sea of Galilee. Continue to NAZARETH, where Jesus spent his childhood and to the Church of Annunciation. Pass the Gilboa mountains to BEIT SHEAN where one can see the recently excavated amphitheatre. Travel through the Jordan valley to JERICHO, the first city that was conquered by Joshua and observe the Mt. of Temptations where Jesus spent 40 days in the desert tempted by Satan. Ascend the Judean hills to Jerusalem. 

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 5

Our day in the HOLY CITY begins as we enjoy the unforgettable view from the top of the Mount of Olives. We will then follow in Jesus footsteps, from the Triumphal entry to the Resurrection, Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and King David’s Tomb. View the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Bazaar as we visit shops in the narrow ancient streets of the Old City..

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6 

Today we visit the NEW CITY OF JERUSALEM, first to Yad Vashem, the memorial to the Holocaust. Next is a visit to the Jerusalem Model, a replica in miniature of Herodian Jerusalem. Visit the Israel Museum to see the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea Scrolls are exhibited. Drive to Ein Kerem, home of John the Baptist, and where Mary visited Elizabeth with baby Jesus in her womb. Continue to BETHLEHEM to visit the site of the Nativity, birthplace of Jesus.

Dinner and overnight: Jerusalem

Day 7

Depart Jerusalem through the Judean Mountains and drive along the shores of the Dead Sea to MASADA. Ascend the eastern slope of the mountain in the cable-car and walk on this mountain refuge. Excavations have uncovered luxurious palaces, mosaic floors, a synagogue, biblical scrolls and many fascinating artifacts. Drive to QUMRAN, home of the Essenes and see the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Time permitting, an opportunity will be provided for a unique experience to bathe in the DEAD SEA and enjoy the ancient mineral baths and spa at En Gedi.

Dinner and Overnight: Jerusalem and Farewell Dinner

Day 8

      Drive through the scenic Judean Hills to Ben Gurion Airport for your departure flight as we meditate on these unforgettable days.

We plan to  travel over Thanksgiving, departing around Nov.22, and will give you firm dates shortly. With the devaluation of the dollar against all major currencies, the prices have risen for us in Israel a good 10-20%. Nonetheless we are trying to keep the cost for everything including airfare as close to $2,700 as possible.


This newsletter is published by Travelling Ministers Fellowship

Carol Cohen, editor
Phone: 302 559-1766
Fax: 910 686-6733
Email: RevRafi@aol.com