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Current Prayer Needs

Sep 28, 2008

Please pray for the spiritual mantle over TMF. It needs to be protective and very strong. Also pray for the intercessors for this ministry. IN PARTICULAR WE NEED A HEAD INTERCESSOR WITH A GLOBAL VISION FOR THIS MINISTRY

Also pray for our people in Haiti with urgent needs for food and shelter after recent hurricanes. Any financial helpyou are able to send can be forward to them through Traveling Ministers Fellowship. Simply specify on your donation that it is to aid our people in Haiti.

Thank you, also, to those who prayed for Pastor Eddie of the Philippines during the recent time of persecution. He has been able to return with his family to the island where he and his family live, and where the churches are which he oversees. But it is still a very difficult and tense situation. Please continue to pray for his and his people's safety from physical harm, or attack, and that the persecution of Christians ceases immediately.