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Please pray for Pastor Jerome's need

May 24, 2011

We greet you today in the name of Jesus. This letter is to inform you the situation of the school in Good Shepherd. Since after the earthquake to July we were not able to pay the teachers salary and the School re open in October and November we give them a little compassation, But December to February we still not able to pay them, they become very mad and they don't want continue to teach these precious children, and the children parent also are not able to give any contribution for the School, As we shared that burden with you, The situation become more and more difficult, they wrote several time to express are they are not happy, and they don't even want to be patience anymore of the economical situation. Because they have no other source for survive and the rest of their family.

We have 11 teachers each teacher $ 75 US / Month
March - July: $ 4,125 U.S.
With the little that we were entering school for the re openning we give them a little compassation for October and November, we are now the 3 months precedent to them (December, January and February): $ 2,475 U.S.
We have in total for them: $ 6600 US

This is a Ministry spiritual and Social, We don't want to let the children return home for a little contribution they use to give before the earthquake and now they are not able to do that anymore, because the situation become more and more difficult in the country. " We know the Lord is the answer of His children need, keep us in prayer Please".

Please, we would appreciate wathever the Lord lead you to do for us in these situation.
May God Bless you!

Past. Joseph M. Jerome
Good Shepherd Baptist Church
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
+509 3767-8341

PS: Some Pictures of the School at Good Shepherd

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