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Traveling Ministers Prayer Needs

May 25, 2011

Please pray for the following new members of Traveling Ministers Fellowship. Some of these people represent ministry teams of many people who are joining. Also for the next steps for TMF that the good LORD has in store.

Pastor Bejamin Shadrach - Ivory Coast
Alo N'koango Enoch - Togo
Universal Church Ministries - India (Bhaskarrao Malli, Secretary)
Elizabeth Neves - Alberta Canada
Apostle Dr. C.N. Turrell - Oregon
Robert M. Bendoy - Philippines
David & Phyliss Roch - British Columbia Canada
Pastor Phillip Michael and Kissa Mahali - Tanzania
Ruben Rasali - Nepal
Pastor Shahid Paul - Pakistan
Pastor Asif Mubark - Pakistan
Peace and Unity in Christ Ministries - India (Pastor Ravi Daniel & others)
Julius Ochungo - Kenya
Pastor Jo Hood - Pennsylvania

You can view their details on this link: http://www.tmfonline.org/travelingministries.html.
Many of these ministries have asked repeatedly us to visit, preach, train and do large conferences for the people in their countries.
They also have many needs.

God bless you. We all appreciate your prayers deeply.
Dr. Carol Cohen