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Ordination through Traveling Ministers Fellowship


Being an ORDAINED MINISTER is not a requirement  for members of the Traveling Ministers Fellowship. Also, many of our members have been ORDAINED elsewhere and are active in other fellowships.

However, ORDINATION through TRAVELLING MINISTERS FELLOWSHIP can be a very special part of membership, even though ORDINATION it is not the primary purpose of TMF. For people who desire the special kind of spiritual oversight and  laying on of hands that ORDINATION entails, Traveling Ministers Fellowship is available for ORDINATION.

If you are interested in applying for ORDINATION through Traveling Ministers Fellowship, or if you would like to know more about the requirements for ORDINATION, please contact us at 302 559-1766 or by email: revrafi@aol.com.

TMF does not require a Bible College or Seminary degree for ORDINATION. But we are interested in a person's calling by God to minister, in the experience a person has had in ministry, gifting and knowledge base, and in the maturity and character of the person wanting to be ordained. We believe that ORDINATION involves a special pastoral responsibility and relationship before God between us and those ORDAINED by us, and we are careful to enter this kind of relationship carefully and prayerfully, seeking God's will in the matter.

NEWS:  Congratulations to 3 Traveling Ministers on their ordination with Traveling Minister Fellowship last month: Rev. Shirley Defendorf of North Carolina and Revs. Richard & Sandra Roberts of Antelope Valley, California.

TMF Member Mrs.Shirley Defendorf  is a beloved and faithful servant of God who has been serving the Kingdom of God with a deep love for all the House of Israel for many years. We were privileged to honor her at this meeting and special time of her ordination by Rafi & Dr. Carol and the ministerial body on March 15, 2009 on the Feast of Purim. She shared a prophetic teaching for the occasion.   



TMF Members Sandra and Richard Roberts pastor several home churches, and lead Bible studies in area communities as well as in the State Capital of California, Sacramento. As well they are dear friends to many and mature and capable leader in the Lord. They were ordained recently at a special service that was held on March 31, 2009 in Sacramento and led by Rafi.