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Traveling Ministers Fellowship      (T.M.F.)                          
     ...for encouragement, resources, fellowship, and strategic positioning




FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about T.M.F.

What is the history of the Traveling Ministers Fellowship?

Some years ago beginning in 1989,  Rafi oversaw a fellowship of over 100 ministers with the help of 2 other men. It was for the purpose of teaching, encouraging, and training other traveling ministers into their calling, and creating a place of mutual fellowship. We have sensed the Lord wants to rebirth this fellowship for traveling ministers in a manner that is in keeping with the new work God is doing in His people and in the emerging army of God.  We are currently meeting with ministers from many locales to discuss and pray about  the way the Lord would bring the new Traveling Ministers Fellowship forth.


Who is TMF for?

It is for experienced traveling ministers, and those who are called into traveling ministry.

Does TMF hold regular meetings?

Yes. We generally hold regular meetings in Wilmington, North Carolina, and we are currently seeking the Lord about other locations. Once a month is probably a good frequency for travelling ministers.

If you would like the Travelling Ministers Fellowship to meet in your area, please contact us. Members are also welcome to participate in TMF meetings held in other cities.

Can I be ordained through Traveling Ministers Fellowship?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

Do I have to have formal educational training in ministry to be part of TMF?

No. What is important is the calling of God on your life to traveling ministry, and the fruitfulness of that calling in your life.

Does it cost anything to come to the Traveling Ministry Fellowship meetings?