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Traveling Ministers Fellowship

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NEWS: Traveling Ministers Fellowship WEBINARS & teleconferences with Pastor Ron ... every Tuesday & Sunday ... see below ...  click here to find out how to join in

NEWS: Traveling Ministers Fellowship  Pentecost/ Shavuot Celebration - FEASTS OF ISRAEL . All Travelling Ministers and friends of TMF welcome. CLICK HERE for details & directions

NEWS: 5 people healed by phone!! Last Friday Rafi ministered by telephone in PAKISTAN. His voice was amplified so that the 180 people attending the service in Faisalibad could hear him preach and teach for 1 hour. Pastor Bashir, who translated, joyfully reports that 2 people were freed from chronic drug usage, and 3 precious folks were set free of other maladies.

NEWS: Traveling Ministers are invited to attend - Rafi taught 10-week Beginner's Hebrew course ONLINE  click here  to be repeated. Let us know if you are interested

NEWS:  Ron to Equatorial Guinea, West Africa in August



Best of Israel Tour 

Come join us in ISRAEL in 2013 

by Rafi and Dr. Carol  (click here)


NEWS: Traveling Ministers Fellowship  Feast of Lights - Hanukkah Celebration - FEASTS OF ISRAEL . All Travelling Ministers and friends of TMF welcome. CLICK HERE for details & directions

Important CD recorded Live on Mt. ZIon in Israel... EXPOSING THE SPIRIT OF THE ANTI-CHRIST IN OUR MIDST!   Dr. Carol  ministered to a group of 24/7 intercessors from many nations in Jerusalem. God gave her a message of prophetic insight into the challenges of today. People who were present described the teaching as "awesome." and said it brought much clarity and refreshment into their lives.   click here for more


NEWS: Traveling Ministers Fellowship  WEBINARS & teleconferences
We welcome ministers from around the world to regular meetings hosted by Pastor Ron on Tuesdays and Sundays... visitors & Traveling  Ministers Fellowship members welcome...  accessible by internet, Skype, or telephone... for training, prayer,  & fellowship. 
click here for to request an email from Pastor Ron about how to attend



      Those whom God has called into travelling ministry have unique needs which have not always been met in broad-based ministerial associations. To help address these challenges, we have formed The Travelling Ministers Fellowship (T.M.F.) We desire to help cultivate close, interpersonal- spiritual relationships, and we purpose to develop a team ministry which will:                          

        ASSIST one another through interaction and interchange.

           We wish to:

  1. Help travelling ministers function in the NEW REALMS of healing, power, love, and authority that the Lord of Hosts is launching for His people,
  2. Foster the continued progress of established ministries.
  3. Address specific needs and challenges of travelling ministers,
  4. Equip ministeries that are just emerging,
  5. Open doors of ministry opportunities for one another (as needs in different places are discerned which can be met by a particular ministry within Travelling Ministers Fellowship.)

       ENCOURAGE and inspire one another by sharing real life experiences, and through the Living Word, prophetic giftings, and worship.

        STRENGTHEN one another through spiritual gifts.

           We wish to:

  1. Provide a setting in which members of Travelling Ministers Fellowship can receive ministry and restoration as needed,
  2. Pray for one another,
  3. Provide spiritual protection and care,
  4. Provide ordination for ministers needing this cover. 


        TEACH one another on specific areas characteristic to the traveling ministry, e.g., relating to church leaders, handling altar calls, finances, finding and opening doors of opportunity to minister, breaking into new areas, use of spiritual gifts, becoming grounded in the One New Man and in resurrection life.

In other words, we desire that the new relationships formed within Travelling Ministers Fellowship can fulfill and nurture the callings on our lives.

Our goal is to provide an environment for developing genuine, love-based relationships in Christ that will help us accomplish the plans and purposes for which God has ordained us.

If you are currently a travelling minister, or have sensed God is calling you in that capacity, you may wish to consider being a part of this fellowship. In this way may the Kingdom of God grow and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior be glorified.

 For further information, or to be placed on our mailing list, please click here.

     Rafi and Dr. Carol



You can contact us at 302 559-1766 or email revrafi@aol.com. Or write to us at:

Travelling Ministers Fellowship  
P.O. Box 10305 
Wilmington, North Carolina 28404