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 I'm glad you clicked onto this site.  I assume you have a real heart for ministry , the nations and the church. This is very much a new season in the Lord.  I personally have a passion for the church and to see God's army be raised up now, and that our years would be spent effectively in the Lord and that we would bear much fruit in His Kingdom.

I believe the Lord has called Carol and me to do this ministry, to help bring forth the leaders in God's endtime army.  I believe TMF will be one of God's many vehicles to bring this about.

Coming from a Jewish background I have learned the importance of covering and being a part of a safe house.  In Hebraic language this is called a chupah, a covering. We understand the importance of building such a house like this for the ministers of God.  A house of safety, protection, encouragement and love.

I, Rafi, came to the Lord in 1976 after many years of being far out of His will.  Soon after that I started in ministry. I was later ordained in 1985 with Billy Joe Daugherty and Victory Christian Center.  Shortly thereafter I founded a church,  then for many years travelled to the nations doing crusades, healing conferences, and working with many churches throughout the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, Haiti, the Philippines and Africa.  This includes visits to Australia and  Japan.

      During that time I also founded the original Travelling Ministers Fellowship, received a Masters Of Ministry Degree, was reconnected with our homeland in the Galilee,  and, along with my wife Carol, helped found an orphanage in Homa-Bay, Kenya.

For the past two to three years the Lord has been completely revamping my life bringing me through deep repentance from the old nature and into a new life in the new man.  I've experienced a real transformation in my life which is being reflected in new teachings, new ministries, and new revelation of God's purposes in these last days.  He is raising up and bringing forth His Army!  I'm excited for all that He is doing with me, a Jewish believer, a son of Aaron.

About My Wife Carol...                                              

Carol has been serving along side me after many years of counseling people and teaching in Seminary.  She holds five degrees including a PhD in Psychology, a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary and a Masters in Personality Psychology. 

God has gifted her with an ability to know Him on a very personal and intimate basis, being able to hear His voice.  This is one of the things she, as a prophet and apostolic mother,  has a great desire to impart to God's leaders and the church.  She also has a passion to help God's army come forth into His order, and for the fullness of His healing and restorative ministries to be released among His people. Many of her writings and teachings are on these subjects along with living a resurrected life in the new man, and being led by His Spirit and voice.

Over her lifetime she has travelled to many nations and worked with many people groups.  Dr. Carol believes that  the Travelling Ministers Fellowship is a place where we can impart vision, encouragement and practical skills to God's leaders and ministers, and come together in strategic positioning in the Body of Christ.

Carol is truly a Proverbs 31 woman of exemplary character, and I know she looks forward to meeting you.

        Raphael Chaim Cohen   ( Rafi )

 P.S. Here are links to our 2 other websites. They are are good way to find out more about us and what we do personally:

Rapha-El.com is a new website about our personal ministry done in honor of Jesus Christ whose is Jehovah RAPHA, Our Healer, Restorer, and Mender of what is broken (Ex.15:26). The website is still under construction, but worth a look at periodically as it is being built. It tells about what we are being called to do, gives our testimony, and is a place to find the resource materials, tapes, cds, etc. that we have produced by  His grace.

You may want to look especially at Rafi's healing CD: GOD WANTS YOU WELL!  Many people report miraculous things from the anointing of God on this wonderful CD.   You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the CD. 

To go directly to Rapha-El.com   CLICK HERE



 ShopIsraelDirect.com  is our online store that we run to help IsraelWe supply individuals and congregations with beautiful things to adorn, decorate, and use in worship and ministry --all produced by friends and workers in Israel.

We supply good-sounding shofars (all of ours have been tested for ease of blowing and for sound quality). Also prayer shawls/ tallits, worship material, Scripture artwork, Ketubahs, anointing oil, calendars, menorahs, special keepsakes, and meaningful jewelry, all selected by us, Rafi and Carol, and imported by us direct from the Holy Lands.  

Here are some pictures  from our store of anointing oil, Aaronic jewelry, the Aaronic blessing suitable for framing, very reasonably priced tallits (these are beautifully crafted), fragrances, pendants (for men or women), spikenard, and mezuzahs. You can click on any image to see more about the item. (Click the "back" arrow in your browser to return here.)

CLICK HERE   to go directly to our store  ShopIsraelDirect.com

or click on any image below